What To Expect From Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato’s ‘Future Now’ Tour

The Future Now Tour

Former Disney sensations Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato might just be the cutest best friends ever. From starring in Camp Rock together, to touring together in 2010 when Nick was a member of heartthrob trio the Jonas Brothers, it’s only natural that they’d come together again in 2016.

Business partners, best friends, and now tour mates, Nick and Demi began their Honda Civic Tour: Future Now in Atlanta, Georgia on June 29th, 2016. The tour will stop in 42 cities across the nation.

So what should you expect from these two BFFs? Here’s the rundown:

What to Expect From the Show

In an interview with USA Today, Jonas describes the tour as “a continuous night of music: going in and out of the different sets and trying to build a dynamic show that showcases different things for both of us.” He also says that the show will have both solo performances and duets. “If there’s a song that I love of Demi’s that I might want to jump up and play on, that’s a possibility.” That is precisely what happened on the tour’s opening night, when Nick accompanied Demi on the piano during her hit ‘Stone Cold’.

Expect the unexpected during this monumental tour for Nick and Demi. Demi even teamed up with the Atlanta rapper T.I. to perform his 2008 hit ‘Live Your Life,’ after referring to him as the “king.”

The First Stop on the Tour

Demi Lovato premiered her sultry new song ”Body Say” for lucky die-hard fans. This slower song shows off her beautiful vocal range and includes more mature lyrics then her earlier music.


A review in the Atlanta Journal Constitution by Melissa Reggieri states that the concert focuses on the music and the talent of each individual musician, as oppose to any “dazzle” on stage. “For a welcome change, two young singers have chosen to emphasize vocals instead of sensory overload, substance over inanity.”

Wow! What a big journey for Lovato and Jonas, considering that they are celebrating their tenth year of friendship in 2016. They’ve come a long way since their Disney co-star years, and I am personally both jealous and excited for anyone who gets to see this dynamic tour!

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