Relive Your Teen Angst With Blink-182’s Newest Album, ‘California’

For anyone who didn’t realize, Blink-182 is still around and rocking out, just like they did during your high school years. Their latest album California just dropped today, and it’s bound to reignite any leftover teen angst you still have pent up in that black emo/punk rock heart of yours.

Their seventh album — and first since their 2011 Neighborhoods release — is their first album without its founding member Tom DeLonge. Matt Skiba, the band’s newest singer and guitarist, took DeLonge’s place after he got a little too caught up in his fascination with UFOs.

While there’s nothing like the original group getting back together, their new album still invokes that ’90s punk nostalgia you loved when you hated your parents most.

Complete with 16 tracks, California will get the attention of loyal fans and keep it with songs like “San Diego,” ‘She’s Out of Her Mind,” and “Cynical.” Check out the full live stream below.

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