Staples Has Something To Say About Kris Jenner’s New Jewelry

Staples doesn’t cross many people’s minds often, except it’s time to go back to go back to school shopping. With that being said, it makes sense why the company keeps a low profile on social media, only retweeting other people’s posts about the store — until now.

Earlier this week, Kris Jenner announced on Twitter that her ‘Elegance’ necklace was available for purchase-only online. Followers were dumbfounded when looking at the necklace that’s beyond the definition of elegance. Jenner’s pearl necklace retails for $175 and people are not having it. The necklace is composed of linked up silver clips, that closely resemble paperclips, and several pearls.

Ensue the confused and hilarious tweets.


Staples didn’t keep quiet this time and awoke from a 10-year hiatus on Twitter by posting a clever response.

Twitters users were surprised but pleased.


Staples has outdone itself and re-entered the Twitter world with a bang. Keep the Kardashian hate coming, Staples!

[H/T: Bro Bible]

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