Lisa Frank Adult Coloring Books Are About To Bring All The Nostalgia



If you haven’t jumped on the adult coloring book phase yet, this will definitely make you rethink your life.

Lisa Frank, AKA the most magical, rainbow-leopard artwork that adorned all the cool girls’ folders and notebooks in elementary school, is coming out with adult coloring books so you can relive the glory days of gel pens and unicorns.

The company made the announcement on Instagram last week.

Obviously, a 8-pack of colored pencils is just not enough here.

Entertainment Weekly got an exclusive look at all of the different coloring book covers, which feature intricate designs of horses, unicorns, cats and otherĀ adorable animals just waiting for a rainbow to throw up on them. That’s where you come in – get to it!

According to EW, the coloring books will be available at Dollar General stores across the country throughout July and August for the cost of $3.

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