YouTube Star’s ‘Guy Has Sex With Drunk Girl’ Video Goes Viral For an Unexpected Reason

America has its own problems with rape culture. When Brock Turner stepped out of that court house with a sentence lighter than anyone expected, it was a slap in the face. But according to YouTube video blogger NinchiBoy, who’s known for his comedy videos, it’s also a huge problem in Latin America. And he has something to say about it.

In a video titled, “Guy Has Sex With Drunk Girl,” the vlogger is seen walking towards a sleeping woman surrounded by alcohol bottles. While passed out on the couch, NinchiBoy starts to undress her, only to then cover her up with a blanket.

In the video, he explains that drunk women should be treated with such respect. “This video is a clear example of how men should treat women,” he says. “It’s done so you can get yourselves together and treat them the way they deserve.”

The video comes after a string of sexual assault attacks on drunk women in Latin America, which caused bursts of protests in Brazil and Argentina.

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