15 Weird Fun Facts You Never Knew About Calvin Harris

I will forever respect Calvin Harris as a DJ more than any other current EDM/DJ artist because he began his music career using actual instruments. He didn’t jump onto the EDM bandwagon like so many other popular artists these days – frankly, he may have started the whole trend.

Calvin Harris worked from the bottom of the music industry to the very top. You don’t become the top-paid DJ by copying others and twiddling your thumbs. You get out there and you produce. The man, whose real name is actually Adam Richard Wiles, is a lot more than his fantastic collaborations with Rihanna and his breakup with Taylor Swift. He’s a freakin’ star all on his own.

I have collected 15 fun facts about Calvin Harris from across the Internet for your reading pleasure. Best put on Calvin’s debut record, I Invented Disco, zone out and read. He’s a pretty cool guy.

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