Top 10 Foolproof Ways to Make Friends Freshman Year of College

Freshman year of college is a big adjustment for everyone. It’s the first time, for many, that you’re moving away from home, and you have to create a whole new world for yourself, including making new friends. For me, the first semester was particularly lonely and scary, as I was very shy and unsure how to go about finding people to hang out with. Now as a college senior well versed in the friendship process, I am here to offer advice and ten foolproof ways to make friends freshman year.

Be Outgoing

If you’re shy, like me, this may be a tough one. No one likes to go to dining halls or new student orientations alone, so be brave and ask one of your hall mates to go with you. There are tons of activities for new students your first few weeks of school, and while it may be easy to stay in your room and hide, try going out and mingling with new people. You’ll find that everyone is in the same boat as you.


This will sound cheesy, but baking a batch of cookies in your residence hallway’s kitchen will attract people like moth to a flame. Who wouldn’t want to socialize over a plate of freshly made baked good? It’s a good way to draw people out of their rooms. Your hall mates become family freshman year, and it’s great to get to know them as soon as possible.

Offer to Decorate Your Room With Your Room Mate

Your roommate is your first friend in college, almost like an ally. Together, you’ll be weathering the storms of first year together, so it’s best to start on the right foot. Offer to go to Target together to make your room comfortable and more like a home. Enjoy the bonding that comes with some DIY decorating.

Just Say Yes

Say yes to every social invitation that comes your way, unless it’s something you’re truly uncomfortable with. Say yes to the nice girl that asks you to grab lunch at the dining hall, and say yes to that first dorm party you’re invited to.New potential friends await!

Knock On Doors In Your Hallway and Introduce Yourself Right Away

While your RA will likely do introductions and name games with your new hall mates, it’s a good idea to go ahead and knock on your next door neighbors door one of the first few nights. Offer to go grab dinner or figure out where your classes are before they start!

Introduce Yourself to the Person Sitting Next to You in Class

This is a trick one of my upperclassmen friends swore by! During your first year, you’ll be places in a lot of entry-level classes in various topics that you might be interested in. It’s a great idea to meet the person sitting next to you, particularly if you’re in the market for a study buddy.

Be Social On Your College’s Facebook Page (Before You Move In!)

In today’s day and age, every college and university has a page set up for students of a certain grade level. This is a perfect opportunity to get your name out there to fellow students.

Jump Into an Organization

Colleges have organization fairs very early in the semester to help find students extracurricular outlets for where they belong. For me, this meant student media and student journalism. For others this could be Greek life, cooking clubs, or other societies.


What a great way to give back to your college community, and to meet nice people along the way. Find a cause you’re passionate about, and get out there and make a difference!

Start TV Show or Movie Nights

This is a great way to share your interests with people. Obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy? Chances are, someone else is too, and it’s an easy thing to bond over.

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