After Undergoing a Medieval Medical Treatment, This Woman Claims She’s Now Having Multiple Orgasms During Sex

If there’s one thing I will never be doing, it’s getting leech treatment. I don’t care if it makes you look 18 forever, I will never, ever let doctors put 300 leeches all over my body to “clean my blood” and make me a new woman. It literally sounds like a horror movie.

However, like Heather Dubrow, Alex Bogatyriova actually embraced the terrifying medieval practice with open arms, and now she credits it for her high sex drive, multiple orgasms per romp, and 13-pound weight loss.

I call bullsh*t, but let’s check it out. From the New York Post,

According to the Daily Mail, the London-based mother of two credits her creepy crawlers with assisting in more than 100 pounds of weight loss. Even better, the 48-year-old says, leeches have helped to enhance her sex life.
“For the first time ever,” she tells the Mail, “I am experiencing multiple orgasms. It’s wonderful.”
So attached is she to her toxin-removing “babies” that Bogatyriova encourages them to crawl inside her mouth (apparently, they help keep her gums clean), and she lets the glorified worms work their magic on leg scars. Explains the leech lady: “They have aided detoxification, helped improve my general well-being, and using them was key to my weight loss.”

Ok, but how the f*ck does that affect the rest of your life?

Proof of concept came when, as students, she and her classmates needed to do leech treatments to one another. “Every day for a week, I had a leech put on my bottom for minutes,” she remembers. “It sucked out the blood, and by the end of the week my clothes felt loose. I thought it was [due to] poor washing, but I checked my weight and had lost [13 pounds].” She “was shocked.”
These days she keeps leeches on her butt for up to two hours, and has used over 200 leeches to achieve weight loss. Improving the alternative-medicine lover’s sex life requires leeches being placed inside her cervix. “It’s an area rich in blood vessels, and that means that [the leeches] remove more toxins,” says Bogatyriova, advising that women count the leeches prior to insertion. She insists that the process is painless, and that the leeches get removed with tweezers: “Suddenly I was wanting sex all the time, and I was having multiple orgasms. ”
The bloodsucking enthusiast adds: “I feel like a teenager again.”

I’m sorry, but that’s just sick. People from the Middle Ages used leeches for blood letting, a practice which essentially “washed someone’s blood” in an effort to make it “healthy” again. Obviously this was bullsh*t and had the opposite effect, many cases turning fatal. Now, in the case of Alex Bogatyriova, who knows what’s going on, but it’s weird. And we have a feeling it has nothing to do with the leeches.

Either way, good for you!

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