Women Pay an Insane Amount of Money to be on ‘The Bachelor’

Let’s get straight to the point: being a contestant on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette is a really, really expensive way to find love. You’d think these people would have enough to worry about — vying for the attention of one person alongside 25 other people, each of which are trying to expose vulnerabilities and manipulate them into failure — without having to worry about an empty wallet too. What you do for love, am I right?

According to Mic, many contestants are often left without a rose and a dollar to their name by the end of the show. Olivia Caridi, for instance, a 23-year-old news anchor who showed off her crazy during the 20th season of The Bachelor supposedly spent “like $40,000 on clothes” just to be left on an island alone by Ben Higgins.

Poor Olivia. But the hyperbolic number might not be too far off. Women’s gowns are way pricier than men’s suits, and these bitches are trying to look good every single night. That means a new dress, new shoes, new accessories, new makeup, the works, every night. And the aesthetic part of the competition could make or break you.

“Clothing is absolutely a factor [for attraction] for it changes the appearance of a person [and] influences the impression of what one thinks about another,” Dr. Karen Ruskin, a marriage and family therapist, explained in an interview with Mic. “The fact is, visual is the first thing we ‘see’ before we experience anything else. Certain colors affect one’s experience of the person (e.g., light blue is warm and inviting to have a dialogue, red represents power, whether the outfit is tight fitting to the body or loose fitting can invite thoughts of sexuality vs. relaxing laid back, etc.)”

Needless to say, the women spend a significant amount more on clothes, while the guys are only told to bring 2-3 suits with “a few different shirts, and ties so that they could be mixed and matched,” according to Joshua Albers, one of the many men vying for Kaitlyn Bristowe’s heart on season 11. They were also encouraged to share suits (something women on the show would obviously never do) and often wore the same ensemble more than once. While their new suits don’t equate to $40,000, they still cost more than $1,000 with tailoring.

That’s far from pocket change, if you ask me. Right Olivia Caridi?

The Bachelor Expenses

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