This Teen Came Out to Her Family in the BEST Way Possible

Gina, a 16-year-old from California, came out to her family on a trip to Disneyland. After knowing she was gay for about a year, she decided it was time to come out in a “lighthearted and fun way.”

So on the Splash Mountain ride, Gina held up a rainbow sign reading “I’m gay!”

Gina comes out to her family on splash mountain

Twitter: @ginaslife3

Since she posted the photo, Gina’s coming out story has gone viral on Twitter, with more than 4,000 retweets and countless responses in support. Gina cites this as “amazing but overwhelming,” and says, “People have responded saying I’ve inspired them to do the same thing which I think is the coolest part of it all.”

Gina says, “I love funny ride photos so I figured I could make the sign just in case I decided to go for it, and I did.”

Gina’s family has reacted very positively to her coming out. Her dad and brother “were already 70% sure I was gay, but my mom had no idea. I knew they’d be super accepting.”

Girl comes out to family

Twitter: @ginaslife3

Wow! What an uplifting ending to an adorable coming out story, taking place in the happiest place on earth. Sounds pretty fitting to me. Love is love is love.

[H/T: Buzzfeed]

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