Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After

You’ve probably heard by now that your favorite Bachelor couple Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell are getting their own reality show. Called Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After, the reality TV show is set to air on Freeform (formerly known as ABC Family, home to Pretty Little Liars) this October. While we’ve heard few details from executives, other than the reality show will follow where the newly formed couple left off, Higgins and Bushnell are sharing more details in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

“It’s going to be more like a docu-series and documenting our life,” Bushnell said. “I have a certain idea of what a reality show was: On the Bachelor, I was away from my family and friends, but this is going to be very different.” Along with focusing on the couple’s love life, it will also dive into their faith and Higgins’ political aspirations.

Sure, cameras being around all of the time can be pretty invasive, but Bushnell remained clear: the fame will not jeopardize their love for one another.

“At first I had a lot of concerns and Ben did, too,” she explained. “Our biggest priority coming out of the show and the Bachelor world was focusing on each other. Our biggest concern was: Is this new show going to try to alter our life or be incredibly intrusive and get in the way of our relationship?

“Our main priority was that our relationship always comes first and if something does ever get in the way, we’ll have to have another conversation because that’s something that neither of us are going to allow to happen.”

Are we the only ones excited about this?! Bring on more face time with Ben Higgins!!!

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