Fraternity Makes Historical Decision to Allow Transgender Men

Founded in 1824 at Princeton University, Chi Phi has announced a historic and incredible change to their membership policy, as explained in a new press release. Now, the membership policy includes “any male as defined by valid legal documentation,” including transgender men.

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The change in policy was driven by students, with a specific chapter suggesting a more inclusive policy, leading to a vote in changing membership rules.

Chi Phi is not the first Greek organization to accept trans members, according to ThinkProgress. Trinity University’s Zeta Chi sorority began allowing trans women to rush about six years ago. However, this is still a huge stride in a more inclusive society.

This occurred in their 151st Congress, in which Chi Phi’s Consititution was officially amended. Chairman of the Committee of Membership Sam Borchart says, “The fact that this change comes as a result of Congressional vote is a testament that our Fraternity and its individual members want to make Chi Phi more inclusive. One change is never a stopping point, and we hope this opens the door to further discussion about inclusivity, particularly for transgender men who want to join us in brotherhood.”

Chi Phi’s membership policy change is effective immediately.

[H/T: Cosmopolitan]

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