8 Things We Learned About Breakups From New Girl’s Jess Day

New Girl‘s Jess Day knows heartbreak. But lucky for her, she comes out of each failed relationship stronger and wiser. Jess braves the unknown in the dating world every single day, after some devastating highs and lows, and we could all take a page from her book. Here are the top ten things we learned about breakups from watching New Girl.

Lean On Your Friends

Jess has a wonderful support system, and chances are, so do you. So utilize it. You just got your heart broken, or maybe you did some difficult heartbreaking yourself, because it simply wasn’t working. Your friends and family are there to lean on, and you can count on them for laughs (and cocktails) to get you through the pain.

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You Deserve to Be Loved

If he doesn’t love you, find someone who will. Or better yet, love yourself enough to let yourself heal. From Jess’s bad breakup with Nick, who happened to be her best friend, she learned that she deserved someone who loves her in the same way, in a way that works for both partners. You deserve the same kind of peace of mind, and the knowledge that you are secure in someone’s heart.

Your Best Really is Good Enough

Some nights are just awful. You need to cry and get your feelings out, or you need to stay in your pajamas all day eating ice cream, and mourning a love that has been lost. Jess cries into a bottle of wine in the first episode, and that may be all you need to do, too. Trying your best is all that matters.

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Sh*t Happens

Life is going to throw curveballs at you ,and in this case it’s a broken heart. But you can’t let this deter you from life. Life is going to be full of twists and turns and probably lots of heartache. The sooner you accept it, the sooner you learn to deal with it.

Pick Yourself Up off the Ground

No matter what the heartbreak, whether it was Jess and Nick or Schmidt and Cece, everyone learned to get up off the ground, brush themselves off, and carry on with real life. Jess pursued a promotion in her career, and you can do the same. Throw yourself into something important.

Change Your Situation

Jess moved in with a group of three guys after a nasty breakup. I’m not saying to do something drastic, but sometimes change can be the best medicine. Take a yoga class, paint, cut your hair a crazy way. Just do whatever feels right.

Be Yourself After

Be your whacky, zany, happy self, just the way you were before even if the emotions are running strong. Don’t change your personality because of a heartbreak. And more importantly, don’t let your broken heart change who you are.

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New Girl

You Can Be Friends With Your Ex

Nick and Jess are prime examples. They live together, continue to support each other, and bring each other friendship and laughter, in spite of a not-working relationship. With time and healing, you too can learn to be friends with someone who caused some hurt.

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