Jesse Williams Responds to the Petition to Get Him Fired

After his passionate speech at the BET awards, Jesse Williams of Grey’s Anatomy was under extreme scrutiny, leading to a petition from fans to get him fired from the show. While creator Shonda Rhimes quickly spoke out against this, tweeting, “Um, people? Boo don’t need a petition #shondalandrules.”

Here’s the full speech, ICYMI:

On July 3rd, Jesse spoke out for the first time on Twitter about the petition:

Yesterday, Williams continued to stand up to the media for “promoting their cowardly intolerance” as the petition gained more followers. He also says that, the petition to get him fired has “not a single sane sentence in their claim, not one.”

Williams also bravely spoke out on police brutality and the “spontaneous execution” of Alton Stirling, killed in Baton Rouge on Wednesday, July 6th.

There is too much tragedy in the world today. Hopefully Jesse and other courageous activists continue to speak out on injustice and oppression, and strive to make this world a better, more accepting, and safer place.

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