Candice Swanepoel Diet: VS Model Reveals Exactly What She Eats In A Typical Day

Believe it or not, the one thing this Victoria’s Secret Angel doesn’t do is diet. Pilates, yoga, running on the beach — exercise-wise, she does it all. But when it comes to food, she doesn’t cut anything out. A self-proclaimed carnivore — she grew up on a dairy and beef farm — the 27-year-old bombshell eats whatever she wants, and “if I overdo it, I just work out more.”

If only all of us had that kind of dedication.

It’s sad but true: when you lose fat, you lose it everywhere, including your butt and chest. So how do VS models get rock hard abs while staying curvy in all the right places? Aside from freakishly good genes, tasty meals are not to be skipped. “I eat whatever I want, but to me it needs to be healthy – I always think about what sort of vitamins are in the food and what it’s giving my body…I make sure I eat a lot of protein, carbohydrates, good sugars and good fats, like avocado,” she said in an interview with makeup artist Wendy Rowe in Fashion Gone Rogue.

Here’s a rundown of what Swanepoel’s diet looks like:


“I like a healthy breakfast. I like croissants, pizza, pasta, eggs, steak. I love vegetables, omelette.”

Pizza for breakfast? Mmmmm…love the sound of that.


“I’ll have a chicken or steak salad with quinoa – protein is really important.” After that, a midday pick-me-up is in order. “I’m having my usual Earl Grey tea latte—with a side of red lipstick,” said Candice.


“I listen to my body and eat whatever I feel it needs on that day – I’m quite in tune with my body, so can feel whether I needs more pasta or protein. I love a good steak or grilled salmon, and I love anything teriyaki!”


With this healthy diet, you too can look like a VS model. *Miracles not guaranteed.*


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