Piers Morgan Moves on From Trashing Kim Kardashian, Goes After Emily Ratajkowski

Piers Morgan has made a name for himself insulting celebrities. We’ve seen him go pretty hard on the Kardashian family, and regardless of what you think about them, his words could easily be deemed insulting, unnecessary, and constant. But for once, he’s taking time off from degrading Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West, and steering his attention towards Emily Ratajkowski.

The 25-year-old model is featured in the August 2015 issue of Harper’s Bazaar, where she can be found riding a horse completely nude. Obviously she looks amazing — she’s Emily Ratajkowski, when does she not look amazing? — but the photo shoot was more than just a play on her incredible physique. In the accompanied interview, Ratajkowski talks about her right to celebrate and love her body, and embrace her sexuality. It was a positive message for women, who are often shamed into hiding their bodies in an attempt to dodge irrelevant slut-shaming.


Unfortunately Piers Morgan isn’t great at reading and found the spread to be highly offensive. So offensive, that he thought he should voice his idiotic opinion about it on Twitter:

Dude, really? Why are you trying to be a dick? Are you bored or just an a**hole? Whatever the answer, Ratajkowski had the perfect response to his unnecessary hate:

MIC. DROP. What a great moment. Clearly taken aback, Morgan insisted on keeping his Twitter rant going:

As usual, Piers Morgan missed the mark again. Maybe he should learn to keep his mouth shut? Especially when sexist BS is coming out of it? Just sayin’.

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