The Lazy Life Chose Me: 10 Things Only Lazy Girls Will Understand

Being lazy is an art that most people don’t understand (mostly, my parents). It’s about choosing not to do something even when it would probably just be easier just to do it. But do lazy people really care about that? No.

If you live the lazy girl lifestyle, you’re faced with many problems everyday like having to go to school, go to work, and having to clean your apartment. You’re the type of person who would rather just lay in bed all day eating pizza, than go out and make an effort with real people in the world. To be honest, if you had it your way, you would hire someone to get the remote for you when it’s across the room. 

Here’s a list of things that only lazy girls will understand. Hopefully you aren’t too lazy to read the whole list (but if you are, we understand).

1. If someone doesn’t cook dinner, you won’t eat

You would rather starve to death than have to make dinner yourself. If dinner isn’t ready for you on the table, you aren’t eating.

2. You love when people cancel plans


While most people enjoy a night out with friends, you would rather enjoy a night in with your bed. Getting dressed requires too much effort, and so does coming up with new excuses as to why you can’t go out.

3. You are a firm believer in online shopping


Malls are a foreign concept to you. Why go to a mall when you can order all your clothes online and have someone deliver them to your house?

4. Laundry is a last resort for you


God bless deodorant and perfume, because lazy people never do their laundry. Though doing laundry is annoying, you are more concerned with the whole, having to put your clothes away after, thing. You know that once your clothes are washed, they will only sit there in a pile for months, so what’s the point?

5.  Leggings and sweatshirts make up 99% of your wardrobe


There are people who get dressed up for their 8am lectures and then there’s you. You would never be caught dead in jeans and have probably worn the same hoodie and leggings for the past two weeks.

6. Your least favorite part of the day is waking up


Mornings are an incredibly low point for lazy people. Sometimes when I have to wake up early I actually shed tears. Us lazy gals don’t get out of bed before hitting snooze at least four times.

7. Throwing everything under your bed is how you clean your room 


You probably thought you were really smart when you learned that you can clean your room by throwing everything under your bed. It saves time and requires minimal effort. See, lazy people are smart.

8. You use paper plates so you don’t have to do the dishes


Whoever invented paper plates deserves an award. People who like washing dishes just can’t be trusted.

9. Walking up a flight of stairs is the equivalent to climbing a mountain


When life gives you a flight of stairs, look around for the closet elevator or escalator.

10. You text your roommates from the other room so you don’t have to get up


Technology has made life so much better. Why would you ever get up to talk to your roommates when you can just text them and do you both a favor.


For all those lazy girl haters, Bill Gates once said “I will always  choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” So there you have it — embrace your laziness!

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