The Extremely Long Stages a Girl Goes Through Before a Girl’s Night Out

If you have a boyfriend, brother, or guy friends, you have definitely heard the complaint that girls take too long to get ready. The reason for this is because before actually going out, there’s a process that we girls must follow. It’s about doing so much more than just our hair and makeup.

We might put more effort into getting ready for a girl’s night out than the night out itself but it’s always worth it. Here are the stages girls go through before a night out.

Stage 1: “What are you wearing?” text

Before going out every girl will text their friends in a panic to see what they are wearing. We do this to make sure we aren’t dressed like complete and total idiots.

Stage 2: Inviting your friends to get ready in your room

Getting ready with all of your best friends makes the night so much more fun. You have double the amount of makeup to use, more outfits to choose from, and you get to hear all of the latest gossip in the process.

Stage 3: The outfit meltdown

This is when you see how good everyone else looks and realize you hate your outfit. You start to complain about how fat you look and how you have nothing to wear even though you have a bunch of clothes. You change your outfit over 10 times and most likely end up with what you started out in.

Stage 4: Blasting the pump-up music

My personal favorite is blasting music to put everyone in a good mood. We take a break from our hair and makeup and bring out our inner Beyonce. I should really apologize to my neighbors who have had to listen to me and my friends “sing” (sound like dying birds) for all these years.

Stage 5: Pictures

After an hour of trying to find the perfect outfit, you finally look amazing and need to document this with about 700 pictures. That’s right, pictures with friends individually, group pictures, selfies, the photos just never end.

Stage 6: The pre-game

Grab some beers, or a bottle of vodka and start drinking! The more you drink now the less money you have to spend at the bar later. This stage is the best part of the night because it’s when  you and your friends can act stupid, play drinking games, and talk about how much of a mess you were the night before.

Stage 8: Calling an Uber

Someone suggests that you should go soon but have you ever tried to round up a group of drunk girls? Half can’t find their shoes, the others want to take more pictures, and the stragglers are falling asleep on the couch. The time is getting later and later, so someone better get on this quickly. This is the time in the night where you chug as much as you can before the Uber arrives and prepare yourselves to squish 10 girls into the worlds smallest car. 

Stage 9: Arriving

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for, when you can finally debut how good you and your friends hopefully still look. Though it took you 5 hours, you can finally enjoy your night.