Great News: Sex Can Help You Lose Weight

If you’re looking for a pick-me-up this a.m., we’re here to save the day: having sex regularly could keep you in shape.

I know, AMAZING. After weeks of juicing and the constant agony of having to pass up a cheeseburger, there’s finally good news on the health front. On top of burning around 100 calories an hour, having sex triggers the hormone oxytocin, which along with producing feelings of trust and affection, can also stop you from overeating.

A team of researchers from York University studied the variations of the oxytocin receptor gene (OXTR), which produces the cuddle hormone. The team observed how the hormone affects appetite, food preferences, food intake, and personality traits with a group of people ranging in age from 27-50. Each person also ranged in body weight and a substantial number of them confessed to binge-eating habits.

From there, researchers collected blood samples from each participant and analyzed their DNA. According to the Daily Mail,

The researchers found seven sites in people’s DNA where the chemical instructions for making OXTR could vary between individuals, known as ‘single nucleotide polymorphisms’ (SNPs).

The team then collected questionnaires from the people in the study about differences in their eating habits, preference for sugar or fat, and how their brain systems respond to reward or punishment.
They found that the SNPs were linked to psychological risk factors associated with binge eating.

Dr Caroline Davis, the lead researcher, said: ‘Three SNPs were significantly related to the psychological traits, which collectively accounted for 37 per cent of the variance in overeating.

‘Another SNP was directly related to overeating.’

The results suggest genes are linked with traits that regulate our behaviour, she said.

The results also highlight how the love hormone affects overeating, she added.

In short, all of that scientific jargon means that sex is better for your health than scientists originally thought, which is amazing for everyone who likes to copulate (AKA everyone on the planet). So celebrate!!

Eat some ice cream, then do the deed — you deserve it.

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