10 Struggles That Are Way Too Real For Stubborn People

As someone who has always been stubborn, it’s both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, being stubborn has allowed me to be more decisive and determined. On the other hand, It has made criticism and being wrong almost impossible.

Here are the challenges that every stubborn person knows all too well.

1. You hate admitting you are wrong


Being wrong is simply unacceptable. If you’re stubborn, you have definitely realized you were wrong mid-argument and resorted to exaggeration and beating around the bush.

2. Asking for help is not an option


Basically, you are too stubborn to ask for help. You’ll try everything you can think of before admitting that you need help with something. You would rather feel frustrated and be miserable than ask someone to help you.

3.Other People Call You Difficult


Being called difficult is one of the hardest things about being stubborn. It’s not that you’re trying to be disagreeable, it’s just that you know what you want and need.

4. You constantly question authority figures


You probably drove your parents crazy growing up with this. It doesn’t matter if it’s teachers, parents, or cops because stubborn people do not rely on authority to tell them what to do or how to do it. Your mom could tell you to put your clothes away 100 times but you won’t do it until you want to.

5. You never accept compliments


You could lose 2o pounds and have people tell you that you look great, but you will never accept their compliments. Most of the time you are too stubborn to believe what people are telling you.

6.  Saying sorry is torture


Saying sorry goes back to the whole never being wrong thing. In order for you to admit you are sorry you have to first admit that you were wrong and like I said, that’s not happening.

7. You have exceptionally high standards


You know what you want in life and you refuse to settle for less. Yes, this does make life a lot harder for yourself.

8. You hate constructive criticism


Anytime someone gives you constructive criticism, you probably just think that they sit on a throne of lies. What is there to criticize when you are never wrong?

9. There’s nothing more satisfying than saying “I told you so”


Getting to say “I told you so” is like waking up on Christmas morning, there’s just no better feeling. When you do get to say it you make sure to say it loud and proud to let everyone know you were right.

10. Dealing with equally stubborn people never ends well


When two stubborn people argue nothing ever gets accomplished. Word of advice, avoid dating someone who’s just as stubborn as you.

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