It’s True, Chickpeas May Not Be Around For Much Longer

Chickpeas have been around for centuries, being made in different tasty ways. One of the most popular forms is hummus, an Egyptian dip or spread. Personally, eating chickpeas raw is the best way, but there might be a lot of time to debate about our favorite ways to eat them because their production has been greatly slowed down.

Although chickpeas are rather small and there are only 15 ounces in each can, it actually takes 76 gallons of water to make a can. To put this into perspective, a 10-minute shower uses about 25 gallons of water. so in order to be on par with producing a can of chickpeas, you would have to take about a 30-minute shower. We’ve all been guilty of doing at least once.

But instead of dealing with a high water bill, countries producing chickpeas are suffering severe droughts from the large amounts of water being used. Recent production has been cut down by up to 50 percent and at that rate hummus and all the other ways chickpeas are consumed may no longer exist.

Countries around the world aren’t able to continue producing them as much anymore because crops aren’t receiving the water they need to grow. The Middle East is one the primary areas affected by this. In a list of the top 20 countries producing chickpeas, India is number one while the U.S. is number 15.

This is the time to either stock up on and of chickpea and hummus, or find an alternative snack. There isn’t an exact timeline as to when the extinction of this delicious food will happen, but don’t be surprised when it does. Remember, all good things come to an end.

[H/T: Spoon University]

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