Rami Malek Girlfriends 2021: Who is Rami Malek Dating Now?

Who Is Rami Malek Dating


Rami Malek has taken the world by storm with his Critic’s Choice Award winning role on Mr. Robot. The star has been acting for around 12 years, building his reputation as a respectable actor in Hollywood. Malek has appeared in numerous shows including Gilmore Girls  and the comedy series The War at Home as well as famous films such as the final film in the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn: Part II,  and all three films in The Night at The Museum trilogy. Throughout his years in acting he has also managed to steal the hearts of thousands of girls across the nation adoring his talent and looks.

As his fan base grows so does the public’s interest in his love life. The 35-year-old has managed to keep his love life out the limelight for the majority of his career. While certain celebrities can’t even talk to someone of the opposite gender without assumptions of a romantic relationship, Malek has managed to get by with only a couple rumors about who he has been dating and absolutely zero confirmed relationships. The actor is the king of privacy. However, here is the run-down of all the information available on the star and his potential love interests of the past and present.

Angela Sarafyan 2012

Malek and Sarafyan


While Malek and Sarafyan both played a vampires of the Egyptian coven it makes sense that the two would be a match made in heaven. Rumors were buzzing that the on-screen co-stars were much more than colleagues when filming was over. While there were photos of the couple holding hands online, which pleased the fans, it’s mostly believed to have all been for show to get press for the film. However, Twilight fans all over believed that the actor and actress were a real life couple.  This rumor has never been confirmed and the buzz on this potential romance eventually faded.

Portia Doubleday 2015 – Present

Malek and Doubleday


Well what can be recognized from the little information the public knows about Malek’s dating life is that he seems to couple up with co-stars. Portia Doubleday also stars on the television show Mr. Robot. However, the rumors for this relationship are difficult to confirm as well as they range from the two casually dating to being in a serious relationship. However, the relationship is said to still be going on so perhaps this could be the first relationship that Malek confirms to the public.

Unfortunately for Malek’s fans, he must have an amazing security guard or publicist or something or another because any other relationships that Malek might of had before or during his career is undocumented.

However, as Malek’s role on Mr. Robot continues to gain more and more buzz it’s certain that this rising star will have the press on his back. Fans shouldn’t have to wait too long before the press unveils more information on his relationship status.


Portia Doubleday, the rumored girlfriend of Rami Malek confirmed their relationship last year around September.

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