This Woman’s Boyfriend Dumped Her After They Had Sex, So She Got Sweet Revenge

Breakups are the worst, especially when done in a barbaric way, like on a post-it (we still feel for you Carrie Bradshaw). And in these situations, you can’t be surprised when the scorned ex wants revenge. Who wouldn’t?

Obviously Brianda Naveli Ramirez, a 25-year-old from Florida, did. And while we don’t condone violence ever, we do see where her anger came from.

Ramirez intentionally hit the truck of her now ex-boyfriend Gabriel Sandoval, 38, as he tried to make a right turn on a road. But it wasn’t just a tap — she really went at it, so much so that the truck eventually flipped over.

Police found out that Sandoval allegedly broke up with Ramirez after they finished having sex. The couple had been together for a year. According to her statement, an argument broke out between the couple while at her apartment. When he left, she threw on a bra and followed him to his aunt’s house, where a friend dropped him off to get his own truck. Ramirez was looking to have a conversation with him, presumably patch things up despite the fact that he dumped her mid-thrust. But Sandoval wasn’t having it, so he drove off.

Needless to say, Ramirez went Fatal Attraction on his ass and continued to follow him, hitting Sandoval’s truck and causing it to flip over onto its roof. According to police, Ramirez panicked when she saw the car flip over and drove off.

Wow. That’s taking revenge to a whole new level. Lesson learned: don’t ever breakup with someone when you’re still in them.

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