This Woman Lost Her Eye After Going to the Dentist

The dentist is everyone’s least favorite doctor. But we still have to go for our cleanings and occasional fillings when we eat too many sweets. Although most of us may not enjoy going to the dentist, it’s still a necessity and we trust our doctors will take good care of us while we’re in the chair. This wasn’t the case for Jenn Morrone, whose dentist didn’t follow a basic guideline and it resulted in losing an eye.

Morrone, a New Jersey resident, went to the dentist for a root canal. She sat in the chair like all of us would, but what she wasn’t aware of was that she needed protective eye wear during the procedure. Since Morrone didn’t know she needed the eye protection and her dentist didn’t offer it to her, they went on with the procedure. The New Jersey mom isn’t alone in not knowing this basic guideline. I, myself, was unaware and it’s actually a federal recommendation.

But things took a turn for the worst when a needle used for Novocaine fell in her eye. Ouch! Not only does that sound painful, but it begs the question, “how did that even happen?” The bacteria from her mouth, where the needle was inserted, caused a serious infection in her right eye. Unfortunately antibiotics and multiple surgeries didn’t help Morrone’s eye; She now has a prosthetic eye.

“This was 100% preventable, what happened to me,” Morrone explained to CBS Philly. “If eye protection was worn, we wouldn’t be here and I would still have my vision and my life would be a lot different.”

The American Dental Association and Centers for Disease Control recommend dentists to provide eye protection for all their patients, even for those annoying cleanings. But a startling survey shows that this basic guideline isn’t always followed — 20 percent of dentists say their patients never wear eye protection while only 6 percent of dentists make it mandatory.

“The bacteria and germs that live inside the mouth are very dangerous inside the eye,” ophthalmologist Dr. Christopher Brady told CBS Philly. “I personally do think it should be mandatory.”

In the end, Morrone reached a settlement with the dentist who was granted anonymity. Since the incident that occurred three years ago, Morrone has made it priority to campaign for all dentists to use eye protection as well as educate patients about the importance of it.

Her Facebook page, Jenn’s Vision, has over three thousand likes and shows people of all ages proudly wearing dental eye protection. “I had to fight back the only way I could,” Morrone said. “And one of the most important things to me was making sure this didn’t happen again.”

[H/T: Cosmopolitan]

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