LIVE STREAM: Obama Town Hall On Race: How To Watch Online

ABC will be airing a special called “The President and the People,” which will feature President Obama in a town hall discussion. Covering race, gun violence, police conduct and brutality, the town hall will also include family members and police officers from Baton Rouge, Dallas and Minneapolis.

“It’s a week that laid bare some of our country’s toughest, most uncomfortable challenges,” Obama wrote in a recent Facebook post. “But I reject the idea that these issues are somehow too big for us—that America is too divided to find common ground. As I’ve said, I know that we can honor the incredible courage and service of our police officers—and also recognize the racial disparities that exist in our criminal justice system. There’s no contradiction there.”

The discussion will be moderated by ABC’s David Muir and ESPN’s Jemele Hill.

Obama 2016 Town Hall On Race Viewing Details

Date: Thursday, July 14, 2016
Time: 8 p.m. EST
TV Channel: Freeform & ABC News

How To Watch Town Hall 2016

The hour-long town hall will be simulcast on ABC and ESPN at 8 p.m. EST. Check your local listings in order to see what channels those are for you.

How To Stream Town Hall 2016 Online

This town hall can also be streamed online. ABC is offering a live stream on YouTube, Freeform, ABC News Digital, and even ABC’s Facebook page.

ESPN will also have a live stream on You can also watch it below for free.

Watch Town Hall 2016 On Phone & Tablet

The town hall can be streamed on multiple platforms. Using apps like FreeForm, ABC News or WatchESPN—which users can find in the App Store, the Google Play store or through Amazon—the town hall can then be viewed on your smart phone or tablet.

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