Reese Witherspoon Brings Elle Woods Back to Life in Epic Snap Story

Elle Woods will always be an inspiration to girls everywhere. Whether you’re just getting over a breakup, were put down by some a**hole who said you couldn’t do something, or looking for some amazing fashion tips, Legally Blonde will never get old. So to celebrate the film’s 15th anniversary, Reese Witherspoon brought back her epic character on Snapchat and Instagram.

Prepare to bend and snap.

Witherspoon kicked things off on Instagram, with her signature fuzzy pink pen that I wish I still had for myself.

From there, things got serious. Reese did everything from teaching her Instagram followers the bend and snap, to going through Elle’s epic wardrobe and trying it all on again. As if we weren’t jealous enough, it all still fit. From 15 years ago.

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Seriously. 😂💖 #LegallyBlonde15

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Ok we’re feeling super nostalgic. Who’s up for a movie marathon? Anyone? We’ll bring the nail polish and popcorn.

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