Taylor Swift: Hollywood’s Worst Girlfriend

It’s no secret that Taylor Swift is undeniably one of the world’s most powerful businesswomen and performers. Taylor has a net worth of $200 million, with a fancy Rhode Island beach house and a New York City loft. She has everything. So why is she in the center of so much drama?

Ask yourself, people. What is the common denominator in all of Taylor Swift’s relationship or interpersonal problems? It’s Taylor Swift herself. Not Joe Jonas breaking up with her over a twenty-five second phone call in 2008, or leaving Taylor Lautner behind in 2010 (think of the lyrics to “Back to December”), or even the messy short-term relationship with John Mayer. In fact, think of her song “Better Then Revenge.” Remember Camilla Belle? Neither does anyone else, since Taylor sl*t-shamed her in her lyrics after she began to date Jonas. Taylor croons, “she’s better known for the things that she does on the mattress,” in reference to Belle’s acting talents. While yes, there may be external factors fans are not aware of, the answer has been staring us in the face all along: It’s Taylor herself that’s the problem.

The latest installment in the saga that is Taylor Swift’s love life is the dramatic breakup between her and DJ Calvin Harris.

Taylor reportedly broke up with Harris on June 1st, 2016, leaving him to mourn their relationship, while not even two weeks later, Swift is seen on the beach kissing her new boyfriend Tom Hiddleston. The very next day, Harris (understandably) unfollowed Swift on social media and deleted pictures of her. While this is was a very public way of denouncing their relationship, who wouldn’t sympathize with Harris’s pain? His girlfriend of fifteen months has moved on so quickly and so publicly. Harris’s actions are completely justifiable in the very complicated process of moving on and healing.

Even worse, Swift’s publicist confirmed that she co-wrote part of his hit song “This is What We Came Here For” under a pseudonym. Instead of bashing his ex, he generously gave her co-writing credits and compliments her.


He goes on to explain that Swift wanted to keep it a secret, while she claims that she wrote the melody, according to TMZ.


Here, Calvin is justifiably taking credit for the parts of the song he wrote. After all, who wouldn’t want their name on something they’ve worked hard on?

Harris continued to tweet about Swift, leaving no stone unturned. What he doesn’t do is bash his ex. Instead, he treads carefully, but honestly.



Swift sympathizers will say that Harris is leading people to question Taylor’s intentions and character. His tweets, emojis, and tone say otherwise. He’s coming from a genuine place of pain, that Swift has both moved on so quickly, and that her team is apparently coming after him and trying to make him look bad. Looking objectively, Taylor has a history of making herself come out on top of her breakups. From bashing Jonas on Ellen, to making John Mayer look like a womanizer in “Dear John,” Swift has played the victim card since she came into the limelight in 2009. Think about it. It is hurtful the way she’s treating her exes, particularly Harris.

Lastly, Calvin calls her out on some shady behavior that Swift has been engaging in for years. It’s no secret that Taylor has had some beef with fellow celebrities, such as Katy Perry, who “Bad Blood” is reportedly written about.


Calvin is not out to hurt Taylor Swift’s career. He’s protecting himself and his livelihood, seeing as he doesn’t hold quite as much weight in Hollywood as Swift does. His ex-girlfriend of over a year has done him wrong, as written in his new song “Ole.” Calvin sings,”I see online that you’ve begun to be a good girl and take trips with your boyfriend, being attentive, continue to pretend.” Calvin hits the nail on the head. Taylor Swift is merely pretending. Soon enough, she’ll be onto the next. Poor Tom.

Ask yourself honestly. How would you protect your own heart in an ugly breakup situation? Would you let your ex go after your livelihood, or tarnish your name? Calvin does not have a vindictive streak, he is simply giving Swift a taste of her own medicine. If she can’t handle the heat, someone tell her to stay out of the kitchen.

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