Gender Diversity Is Coming To Your Emojis

If you ever found yourself frustrated at the lack of female emoji options, you no longer need to be upset. Others have been upset by this as well and now Unicode is making a change.

Up until recently, emojis of women were limited to brides and princesses whereas emojis of men were police officers and detectives.

In addition to adding 33 new emojis to the keyboard, Unicode and its “Emoji Subcommittee” have now agreed to add in 11 “professional emojis” that show both men and women in certain occupations. While the update does not include every job you can think of, some of the most notable careers include a coder, scientist and mechanic.

Google said in a blog post that announced the updates that their decision to add an emoji for female coders comes from a desire to get more young women involved in the profession.

“These new emojis are one of several efforts we’re making to better represent women in technology and to connect girls with the education and resources they need to pursue careers in STEM,” Google wrote. “One such effort is Made With Code, which helps girls pursue and express their passions using computer science.”

Users will soon have the option to choose the gender and race of these new emojis in the coming months. They will be available for use on Android devices and other mobile platforms.

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