Meghan Trainor is Outspoken About Gun Control & LGBTQ Rights, But This Statement Discredits Everything She’s Ever Said

Meghan Trainor has become a well-respected celebrity for reasons outside of her talent and successful career. The 22-year-old singer has been outspoken when it comes to gun control, LGBTQ rights, and body positivity, but in a recent interview with Billboard, Trainor discredited all of the opinions she’s thrown out on social media.

Despite being called “a role model for young girls” and stating her support for various political issues, Trainor openly stated that doesn’t really know what’s going on in American politics and has no interest in voting this November.

“I should be way more aware, and if it was [Clinton] or Trump, I’d definitely vote for her,” she told Billboard. “But I’ve never voted and I don’t have any desire to.” At 22-years-old, this would be the second presidential election the singer would be eligible to vote in.

Since the article was published, both fans and readers took to Twitter to voice their opinions about Trainor’s words.

It’s always important to vote (and we mean in all elections, not just presidential), but considering everything that’s going on in the world, this upcoming presidential election is pivotal. If you have an opinion and want to make a change, make sure to make your voice heard at the polls.

That includes you, Meghan Trainor.

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