This Company Tried to Make Up for a Customer’s Rape By Offering Her a Free Manicure

Are you ready for the most horrifying news you’ll hear all day? Here it goes: this woman was raped on a women-only vacation, and to make up for it, the company offered her a manicure.

Yup. This is a real thing that happened to someone.

Georgina Mortimer, a 45-year-old British doctor, was on a women-only sailing trip in the Caribbean when she was brutally attacked and raped in her bedroom on the second night of her trip. “I woke up to find myself being strangles and raped by this total stranger,” she told the Sun. “I was terrified. I thought I was going to die.”

She is now suing Girls for Sail and the Summer Breeze villa owner (where she was staying), for failing to report the attack to the Royal Yacht Association. When she sent letters to the organization to complain, they offered her a free manicure and massage instead of a full refund.

“To be offered a massage and manicure it disgusting,” she explained. “I was also offered a complimentary days sailing. It all belittled the nightmare I’d gone through.”

Wow. How repulsive. The woman was just brutally raped — why would she want to stay on vacation and get a manicure? This is far from appropriate and it shows zero empathy. We hope Mortimer wins this one. She’s been through enough.

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