Netflix Introduced a New Feature You’re Going to Love

Back in the day there used to be mixtapes — a carefully curated collection of songs made for a specific person or occasion. They would make thoughtful gifts for that special someone or be the soundtrack of an adventurous road trip. Although many of us never had the opportunity to create one, our generation now has its own version thanks to Netflix‘s latest feature, Flixtape.

That’s right, it’s like mixtapes but for Netflix. The new feature allows users to customize lists and then share them with other people. Now, your suggestions of shows and movies won’t remain unheard or worse — ignored. It’s simple to create a Flixtape.

Come up with a title for your playlist. Netflix will then automatically give you suggestions you may like according to your title. Of course, you can edit your list to your desire. There’s no need to make separate playlists for shows and movies, both can be in one.

Flixtape also lets you be creative by editing the “cover” with cartoon illustrations. You can further personalize your playlist by adding “To” and “From” tags. Your great Flixtape can be shared on Twitter and Facebook or anywhere else with the link.

Check out to start creating your own. Netflix also released a video, linked below, explaining their feature. What better way to force your family and friends to watch the movies you’re obsessed with? Let’s see them come up with an excuse from now on.

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