This Guy is Earning a Ton of Tuition Money From the Republican National Convention

Dan Malafronte is a genius. The 21-year-old came up with an amazing idea to make money for college tuition during the Republican National Convention: making political novelty cereal boxes.

Malafronte and his friend Darrin, 27, made 1,000 boxes of “Trump Flakes” and “Clinton Crunch,” and are selling their designs among vendors stockpiling “Make America Great Again” hats. The boxes are also stuffed with generic cereal, in case visitors get hungry.

‘Politics is so serious and cereal is something that’s obviously an everyday item,” Malafronte told Elite Daily. “So when you make a play on it and it’s funny, people seem to really be attracted to that kind of thing… something that’s so everyday that’s different, it kind of catches people’s eyes.”

Each box has a comedic political twist that zeroes in on each candidate. “Stop wasting your time on those loser cereals and invest in something with real flavor and a really GR-R-REAT business track record,” reads Trump’s box. How fitting!

So far, the guys have sold 400 boxes in total, with the Trump cereal being more popular. However, that may change when they travel to Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention next week.

“It’s like a collector’s box: You’re not supposed to eat it,” Malafronte explains. He’s selling each cereal box for the steep price of $40, but for good reason: profits will go towards his tuition money. “Imagine having a Ronald Reagan box from 50 years ago. It’d be worth a ton. This is kind of the same novelty experience.”

[H/T: Elite Daily]

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