The Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian Feud is Far From Over & Now The “Bad Blood” Director is Jumping In

There’s some serious bad blood between Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift right now. After the mega reality star outed Swift for knowing about Kanye West’s controversial “Famous” lyric on Snapchat, Swift fought back (as did her fans) with an Instagram message claiming she never got the full story. Various celebrities also threw in their two cents, and now “Bad Blood” director is adding to the overflowing sh*t pile.

Joseph Kahn came to Taylor Swift’s defense last night on Twitter, and bashed Kim Kardashian by bringing up the O.J. Simpson trial:

Wowwwwww. This may be worse than Khloe Kardashian’s tweet about Chloe Moretz.

Kahn is referring to the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson, the woman allegedly killed by O.J. Simpson. Kardashian’s father Robert Kardashian represented O.J. and successfully got him cleared of murder charges, which was a highly controversial ruling at the time and continues to be today.

As you probably expected, it only got worse from there.

Once his rant was over, Kahn hopped back on Twitter a few hours later to denounce his haters and pat himself on the back:

Yup, Joseph Kahn gives zero f*cks. And until this feud is over — which, by the way, looks to be happening no time soon — we’ll be over here like: