Kim Kardashian’s New Beauty Blogger Show Could Include You

Keeping Up with the Kardashians continues going strong with its 12th season, showing the latest drama with Taylor Swift. Now Kim Kardashian is stepping into a new role of executive producer. A casting notice for her new television competition show about beauty bloggers was recently found online. That’s right, you no longer have to be a DASH doll to keep up with the Kardashian/Jenner family.

Although there isn’t yet an official title for the competitive beauty show, the casting notice does provide important information for interested possible contestants. Beauty bloggers are being sought after to go up against each other in assignments. Kim is working with “a major cable television network and the producers of The Real Housewives of New York to make the show come to life.

Kim Kardashian


According to Popsugar, the program’s casting director said they’re looking for individuals who have a “strong following, like the Chrisspy‘s of the world.” Chrisspy is a popular Youtube beauty guru with a community of over 1.5 million YouTube subscribers and 3.2 million Instagram followers. Well, that sets the bar pretty high.

Beauty vloggers are specifically being looked for because of the video challenges and the show’s televised format. It’ll come in handy to have experience vlogging and/or production skills. Of course, it goes without saying, contestants must also have amazing makeup talent.

All of the hard work will be towards landing the job of “Beauty Director of Kardashian Apps.” This is what makes Kim K’s new show so unique. Beauty directors are typically journalists with an editorial background who also have experience with hair or makeup in the writing realm. Kim’s reality show is specifically looking for vloggers and makeup artists to fill the job opening, as opposed to journalists or editors. The lucky winner will get to work with the Kardashian sisters to create exclusive beauty content for their highly-subscribed apps.

There’s still no word which sisters, if any, will make show appearances, but Kardashian cameos or not, simply being cast will help contestants gain major exposure. The show is scheduled to film in late October for four to five weeks. Are you going to take the plunge and audition for this once in a lifetime opportunity?

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