This is What 100 Layers of Lipstick Looks Like

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The video of “Simply Nailogical” vlogger Cristine taking 12 hours to paint 116 layers of nail polish seems to have started a ripple effect among beauty vloggers. The latest trend is 100 layers of lipstick. While this is most certainly not a technique anyone should try at home, at the very least it’s extremely entertaining to see the outlandish results.

According to Cosmopolitan, the users who dared to torture their lips with these hundred layers are Mayra, Lily Melrose and Tasha Leelyn. The beauty vloggers used coats of liquid lipstick drying on as matte lipstick. Matte lipsticks are known for leaving a shine-free look with the possible side effect of drying and chapping lips. If your lips feel cracked after one layer of matte lipstick application, imagine the results of 100.

Mayra suffered through nine hours of lipstick application pain waiting for each coat to dry. She used 50 liquid lipsticks and applied each twice. By the end of the video Mayra’s lips appeared elevated from the 100 coats as well as swollen and cracked. The lipstick had even begun to smear off her lips onto her face from the countless coats. At the end of the video she exclaims that her lips are finally breathing as she tears off the scarily thick layers of lipstick.

Perhaps despite the pain, this beauty vlogger thought the experiment was all worth it, because her video “100 COATS OF LIQUID LIPSTICK” now has over 6 million views. It’s well on its way to becoming the next viral beauty video. So what’s next? There has been a video detailing the application of 116 coats of nail polish, and fellow Swedish vlogger Josefin Lillakas filmed herself as she applied 100 coats of foundation to her face. While these videos are intriguing to watch it’s a little scary anticipating what could be next.

Here is Mayra’s unbelievable YouTube video. It will make you cringe, but you won’t be able to turn away from the screen:



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