Nike Steps Up Their Game, Puts Curvy Models Front & Center

It’s no secret that the modeling industry specializes in one type of woman, and all too often, advertisers do nothing about it. Nike, however, is taking a stand. The popular athletic brand has officially become one of the first to put curvier models in their workout gear and make them the center of their ads.

And it’s f*cking awesome.

This is writer and model Paloma Elesser:

And this is yoga and wellness instructor Claire Fountain:

As you can see, both women are rocking their looks and have been praised by readers. But the best part about the two ads is that they were released without spotlighting the fact that the women featured weren’t “typical” models; Nike let things happen organically, and because of that, simultaneously embraced a woman’s natural form.

Needless to say, commenters loved it.

Keep up the good work, Nike.

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