This Amazing Little Girl Mocked Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln Commercials With a Barbie Car

A sassy little blonde child and her amazing pink Barbie car are going viral after Pennsylvania-based filmmaker Eric Moyer made her a star. In a video spoofing Matthew McConaughey‘s Lincoln car commercials, a little girl named Michelle takes on the same dreamy tone as the Oscar winner and transforms herself into McConaughey’s campaign character: a well-dressed Rust Cohle, who spends his days driving around to undisclosed locations and contemplating the universe.


Yeah… they’re a little weird. But it’s Matthew McConaughey, so we’ll forgive him. However, this kid’s version is ten times better.

Like the original Lincoln ad, Michelle is seen driving along a park path in her car looking pensive. Then the voiceover starts up: “I’ve been driving a Barbie car since long before anyone paid me to drive one. I didn’t do it to be cool, I didn’t do it to make a statement. I just liked it.”

LOL. Not going to lie — this video actually made me consider having kids one day. Check it out below.

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