This Woman Posted A Picture That Turned The Dani Mathers Situation Into A Body Positivity Message

Almost a week after Dani Mathers’ body shaming Snapchat story went viral, some women have responded back in their own way. This includes Nicole Henry, who made her own Facebook post right after Mathers began being criticized for her awful behavior. But instead of the negativity of Mathers’ photo, Henry wants her picture to promote body positivity and distance itself from the negativity Mathers created.

Henry stands proudly in a two-piece white and black bikini with her arms flexed and a wide smile. It’s her first time posting a photo showing her bare stomach. Henry knew that she could receive negative comments about her body but she decided “spreading the message that a person should not be judged by the way they look was far more important than worrying about any negatives that may arise.”

Henry wants people to focus on what female bodies are capable of doing as opposed to stereotypical attractiveness. The female body is able to do amazing things beyond the realm of desirability. Despite being called “fat” by individuals, Henry didn’t take it to heart. “I don’t really think of it in a negative way, it’s just a describing word,” she told Cosmopolitan. “I think we just give that word way too much power.”

Instead, she wants people to take a positive message from her photo: “to tell people not to judge others based on their looks, and to let people know that they are allowed to be happy in the body that they are in.”

Henry’s post has received mostly positive feedback, with almost 300 Facebook shares and over 100 comments. A woman commented, “I see an immensely powerful, hugely compassionate, enormously committed, tremendously funny, and mega wonderful woman. Fat is not in the equation. You are so beautiful.

“My body is strong, it’s powerful, and it’s mine,” Henry wrote on Facebook. “I’m not asking you to think I’m beautiful, or to admire the things I have done. I am asking you to realize that there is more to a person than what their body looks like.”


[H/T: Cosmopolitan]

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