‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Your Favorite Couple Just Got Engaged!

If you’ve been keeping up with Pretty Little Liars after all of these years, you’ve surely followed the dramatic love story of Aria Montgomery and Ezra Fitz. The couple started dating after hooking up in a bar only to find out that Ezra would soon be Aria’s high school English teacher… Awkward. After going through so much and overcoming a ton of huge obstacles throughout Pretty Little Liars‘ run, the couple has still managed to be #relationshipgoals. During last night’s “Along Comes Mary” episode, Ezra finally got down on one knee and proposed to Aria.


In case you missed all of the drama that went down, here is a recap. Beware… there are spoilers ahead!

It began when Aria received a phone call from an unknown number and wondered if it could possibly be Ezra’s former flame, Nicole. After answering the phone, no one responded, leading Aria to hang up. Aria decided not to tell Ezra about the mysterious call due to the recent news of Nicole’s alleged death and she knew this incident would only further upset him. After the drama with the bizarre phone call, Aria received another call, this time from Ezra. He asked Aria to meet with him and when she arrived at his place, Ezra was surrounded by dozens of beautiful candles. He then made a heartfelt speech, got down one knee and proposed. The proposal was romantic, but unfortunately we don’t yet have any idea of how Aria responded! The huge cliffhanger at the end definitely has fans talking, but let’s be honest, how could Aria say no to that beautiful man?

This is what’s been happening on Twitter since the proposal.

Let’s just hope that Aria decides to come clean with Ezra about the Nicole situation. We all know lies and secrets never go over well in Rosewood.

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