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This Guy Posted a Mortifying Message to a Girl’s Facebook Wall After They Hooked Up

Embarrassing Hookup Story


Look, we get dating can be hard, but some things fall back on common sense. Like, don’t projectile vomit on your date after a night out drinking. Don’t bring up your mom 56 times in one hour during dinner. Don’t talk about the amazing sex you had with your ex and then break down in tears. And don’t, DON’T post a sloppy Facebook message on a person’s wall after you just hooked up with them.

Hopefully we didn’t have to tell you any of this, but the latter might be a lesson, especially for this guy. After making out with a girl at her 21st birthday party, this dude posted a mortifying Facebook message TO HER WALL instead of just DMing her his feelings.


Here’s the full message:

Facebook message dating fail
I’m still cringing, and so is the girl, who immediately tweeted out the message yesterday with the following caption: “It’s all fun and games until u kiss a stranger at a bar on ur 21st and he decides to POST ON UR FB WALL”

It has since gotten 476 retweets, 3,100 favorites, and countless “OMG this is so awkward, make it stop” reactions.

[H/T: Elite Daily]

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