Woman Gets Revenge on Coworkers By Replacing Coffee Creamer With Breast Milk

When it comes to food, people don’t mess around. For many, it can be a major nightmare bringing snacks from home only to find them emptied in the office fridge later on. And while you can pray that an informative note can save your food from being eaten by someone else, the chances of that happening are rather low.

One woman was so annoyed by the constant offense, that she put her foot down and got sweet revenger. The unidentified woman took action after she discovered an office colleague had been stealing her creamer to add to their coffee, ignoring her polite requests for a week. The woman decided to have fun at the perpetrator’s expense by posting a blunt and shocking note. It informed the thief that they had actually been drinking her breast milk!

The woman, only known as B, found her revenge so amusing she posted it to Reddit. “Good morning! To whomever has been enjoying my coffee creamer all week,” the note read. “Surprise!!! You’ve been drinking my breast milk. Hope you enjoyed. Cheers!” But it didn’t end there. B wanted to reassure the thief that her milk was of the highest quality. “It’s organic. So no worries,” she concluded with a smiley face.

The unique revenge was shared on Facebook by Breastfeeding Mama Talk, where from there it has been liked 23k times, shared over 5k times and has close to 800 comments. With a mix of reactions, Breastfeeding Mama Talk put their two cents in. “I love the people who get upset at stuff like this saying it was wrong of the breastfeeding mom to mislead people at what it is,” they wrote. “How about don’t eat or drink other people’s stuff without asking had they asked she would have probably told them what it was.”

Others couldn’t help but laugh. “I would find out who it was and charge them for the great nutritional supplement they got for free!” a woman wrote. “Bet they felt great that week and didn’t know why!”

To all of the office food thieves out there, take this as a warning… unless you like a bit of breast milk in your coffee.

[H/T: Daily Mail]

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