John Mayer Girlfriends 2022: Who is John Mayer Dating Now?

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John Mayer is known first and foremost for his success in music. Mayer has stacked up seven Grammys and 19 nominations in the last 13 years. However, Mayer is known for more than “Waiting on the World to Change” and “Gravity.” He is also well-known for his status with the ladies.

It isn’t a secret that Mayer has dated his fair share of Hollywood stars. We’ve even seen glimpses of what he may be like in a relationship thanks to Taylor Swift and her song “Dear John” which is rumored to be about Mayer. Swift wrote, “Dear John, I see it all/now it was wrong don’t you think nineteen is too young/to be played by your dark twisted games/when I loved you so?”

Yikes. John, if this is you, it seems like you really know how to pull at the heart strings. However, there were many women before Swift and there have been many women since Swift. Who knows, perhaps Mayer’s other relationships didn’t end on such a rocky note. Either way, let’s take a look at all the hearts Mayer captured over the years.

Jennifer Love Hewitt 2002

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Mayer reportedly dated Hewitt from June 2002 – August 2002. The relationship was said to be intense. Although it was a short-lived relationship, it is rumored that Mayor wrote “Your Body Is a Wonderland” about Hewitt. If it’s true, this two-month relationship landed him a Grammy in 2003 for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance.

Rhona Mitra 2005

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Perhaps Mayer remained low-key about his dating life between 2002-2005 or just took a break altogether, but in 2005 he was confirmed to be dating actress, singer, and model, Rhona Mitra. Mitra is best-known for her role as Holly Marie Beggins on the TV show Party of Five. However, the sparks fizzled out quickly. The relationship started and ended in 2005.

Jessica Simpson 2006-2007

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Mayer didn’t spare any details on this relationship. In an interview with Playboy, he openly compared Simpson to “sexual napalm.” Perhaps it was Mayer’s openness that led to their split in May 2007; the relationship lasted around nine months.

Minka Kelly 2007-2008

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The two enjoyed a quick four-month fling before quickly moving on to other relationships. However, their love story doesn’t have such a messy ending. The two claimed to still be friends once the relationship ended.

Jennifer Aniston 2008-2009

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Aniston and Mayer looked adorable and happy on the cover of magazines such as OK! Weekly, cuddled up together. Yet, similar to Mayer’s other relationships, it simply was not meant to be. The relationship lasted around 11 months. However, it’s rumored that this relationship led Mayer to his single, “Shadow Days.” Mayer wrote, ” you find yourself alone/just like you found yourself before/like I found myself in pieces on the hotel floor.” Perhaps it was Mayer’s heart that was broken this time around.

Taylor Swift 2009

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At last, it was Mayer who was said to be sung about. Rumors about the two began to fly when they sang “Half of My Heart” together. Their relationship was said to have been quick only lasting from September 2009 – October 2009. However, reportedly it was enough to motivate Swift to write a song about Mayer.

Katy Perry 2012-2014

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It seemed like someone was finally able to hold on to Mayer. However, the relationship was still on-and-off over the years the two dated. Perry and Mayer even collaborated on a song titled “Who You Love” during the course of their relationship. The relationship has been less on and more off since its end in 2014.

Since Perry, Mayer has been spotted on dates with women here and there, but there hasn’t been nearly as much buzz on any single relationship since Perry.

We will just have to wait around for Mayer to drop a new single to gain more insight on his love life.


John Mayer is supposedly dating Rich Kids of Beverly Hills reality show star Dorothy Wang but has not revealed anything to the public.


John Mayer is currently single, the rumor of him dating Halsey is just rumor nothing more; the two are actually good friend.

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