This Landlord’s Letter To 5 Girls Who Are Definitely Not Getting Their Deposit Back Is Brutal



If you thought your college house was a mess, you’re about to feel a lot better about yourself.

An anonymous soul submitted a brutal letter from her landlord to BroBible that details all the damages five young ladies caused to their off-campus rental in their final two years of college debauchery.

“To say this has been a difficult past two years in an understatement,” the letter begins.

First off, it seems the girls kept a cat around despite a no pets rule, and that cat ended up biting the neighbor’s kid. Oops…

The landlord also informs that the ladies that there are plenty of photos proving the house was a disaster area – apparently the girls weren’t fans of cleaning up the bathroom.

The damage charges include a “burned smoke detector,” “repainted the entire garage due to vandalism/profanity,” and a cool $1352.75 for “hard wood floor damage.”

You can read the entire letter below, courtesy of BroBible


Eh. We all pretty much kiss our security deposits away, right? But this is pretty epic.

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