10 Red Flags That You Should Dump Your Fling

Flings are a bit more than one-night-stands, but a bit less than serious relationships. It’s a grey area of loosely attached emotional strings that trips us up big time. Sometimes people are lost in this part of the woods for weeks, months, or even years, with the same guy, with different guys, wondering the whole damn time, “Is something wrong with me?!”

When the guy you’re with makes you feel insignificant, worthless or replaceable, it’s time to dump him like toxic waste. Staying stuck in a fling with the wrong intentions will slowly and surely kill your inner strength. Do not let it happen.

10 Red Flags to Watch Out For:

  1. The kinds of “dates” that he invites you on are not actual dates. They are more like hangouts that he was going to do anyway, with or without you.
  2. After three dates, you guys still can’t forge a mental or emotional connection. Either he won’t open up or you won’t open up. A relationship built solely on lust can only last so long.
  3. Being with him has made you irrationally jealous and spiteful of other women, seeing every last one of them as an active threat.
  4. He treats you to a nice dinner, then makes you feel like you owe him something… like sex, for example.
  5. He makes condescending remarks about your family, friends, intelligence, etc. in the name of sarcasm and humor.
  6. You’re pretentious in front of him. For example, he likes Bach. You have no idea who Bach is but feel the need to pretend that you do. Chances are both of you are wasting your time.
  7. When you’re alone together, he’s constantly checking his phone.
  8. When you ask him what he likes about you, all of the things that he comes up with are superficial.
  9. He demands blowjobs but never returns the favor. When you resist, he guilt-trips you.
  10. Sometimes you feel special with him. You might feel this when the two of you are having sex, which also might be the only time you feel like you have his undivided attention. The rest of the time, you’re more like a tag-along.

Self-accountability is all well and good, but sometimes it’s not you, it’s them.

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