Meet Trisha Reibelt, The World’s Real-Life Rapunzel

Meet Trisha Reibelt: a real-life Australian Rapunzel with rainbow hair we need ASAP. Standing at 5-foot, the 31-year-old’s locks fall just past her knees without extensions. It’s taken her a solid 12 years to grow her mane from shoulder-length to about four feet long, which for her, is just nine inches off the ground.

However, Reibelt does invest in a trim every once in a while. She currently puts her strands in the hands of stylist Rebecca Taylor, whom she worked with at the Melbourne Hair Expo about a month ago. While there, Reibelt had “a little over a foot” of her hair chopped off, a move she claims has “cut down on the amount of time it takes me to do my hair in the mornings, so I get a few more minutes of sleep before work.”

While Reibelt’s earlier Instagram photos feature her with blonde hair, she’s since dyed it rainbow during at-home DIY sessions. Naturally she couldn’t do it alone and solicited help from her clearly talented BFF.

So how does Reibelt manage to bleach and dye her hair awesome colors without it falling out in chunks? She stays away from heat styling, washes her hair once a week with silicone-free shampoo and conditioner, and finishes things up with a vinegar rinse. “When I fade my colors out, I start doing coconut-oil soaks to put moisture back into my hair as I begin using clarifying shampoo,” she reveals. “Since my hair is pretty old, I do get split ends so I like to go through it occasionally to cut off any that I find.”

Obviously, we’re taking that advice to heart.

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