This Woman Destroyed Her Cheating Husband in an Amazing Letter Sent To Their Neighbors

When you cheat on your SO, whatever the vengeful reaction is, you have it coming. Of course there are exceptions — cutting off a limb isn’t entirely necessary (unless he cheated with your sister… kidding!) — but in this case, Richard was well-deserving of his punishment.

A woman outed her cheating husband Richard in a hilarious scathing letter sent to their neighbors and Richard’s mistress, and it eventually landed up on LADBible thanks to 22-year-old recipient Georgia. Talk about epic.

Here’s the full letter:

Cheating Letter Revenge
Damn. That’s some serious detail right there.

“I wouldn’t open someone else’s letter. I was so shocked to receive it and don’t know what to do with it,” Georgia told LADbible. “Although I did find it hilarious at the same time.” Georgia says she wants to give the husband the letter when she sees him next, but isn’t entirely sure what she should do.

I say give him the letter and wait until he reads it, then laugh in his face when he starts reacting. That sounds fun, right?! RIGHT?!

[H/T: LADBible]

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