Woman Gets Hilariously Trolled After She Texts GF Saying Her BF Got Her Pregnant

Cheating isn’t exactly a laughing matter — unless it involves the cheater getting caught, then that sh*t’s hilarious — but this story is a cheating anomaly. An anonymous pregnant woman was hardcore trolled when she texted who she thought was her boyfriend’s other girlfriend to announce he had gotten her pregnant. What a bummer. Normally this would suck, but the person on the receiving end of this text was not the girlfriend, making this situation kind of amazing. Especially since they didn’t reveal their actual identity.

Here’s the full text convo:

Damn, Samuel! Consider yourself lucky that this text was to the wrong number. As for the recipient, you are amazing and this is hilarious. Remind me to start watching Supernatural ASAP, that Sam is super hot.

[H/T: Elite Daily]

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