Study Shows Having Sex Can Actually Make You a Better Athlete

Whoever said being an athlete took skill clearly isn’t getting laid. According to a new study from Adam & Eve, doing the deed on a consistent basis actually improves athletic performance.

According to a press release from sex toy company Adam&, 21 male and female athletes were observed over three weeks with the help of coach and athletic expert Dr. Mike Young. Researchers monitored the athletes’ sexual activity and their performance in strength, agility exercises and speed. Unexpected results were found when researchers compared levels of sex and masturbation to athletic performance.

The study shows that it all has to do with orgasms and the chemicals released during them. The chemicals actually mimic the side effects and feelings illegal, performance-enhancing substances create when athletes take them. For example, our body naturally makes adrenaline that increases blood flow, alertness and arousal, but there are athletes who still choose to take Norepinephrine. The steroid hormone Prasterone is also commonly taken but a natural alternative is Oxytocin, also known as a love hormone released during orgasm.

“When it comes to sexual activity and athletic performance it really is a case where an individual’s perception is the same as their reality,” Dr. Young states in the press release. “If they feel like participating in a sexual activity will improve their athletic performance then it more than likely will.”

Athletes also have the power to do the opposite. If an athlete feels that having sex before a big game or meet will help their performance, then they can freely do as they please. But if an athlete doesn’t find it appealing or in their best interest, they can abstain and wait until afterwards to have fun.

Top athletes are preparing around the world for the upcoming Olympics and we wonder if sex will be part of their regime.

[H/T: Cosmopolitan]

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