Bill Clinton Shared His Love Story With Hillary Clinton During His DNC Speech

Hillary and Bill Clinton tend to, as most politicians in the middle of a major campaign, keep it strictly professional. The Clintons are not exactly known for constant displays of affection, but at last night’s Democratic National Convention, Bill Clinton decided to use his speech to express some pretty romantic sentiments, including the story of how he fell in love with and proposed to the presidential hopeful.

According to the former commander-in-chief, their romance began in (of course) a political science and civil rights class during their time at Yale Law, specifically in 1971.

Bill Clinton said he followed the woman after class but was too nervous to chat with her, so he instead admired her from afar.

After a bit of unspoken flirtation, Hillary Clinton, in her usual bold manner, said,  “Look, if you’re going to keep staring at me, and I’m staring back, we at least oughtta know each other’s names.”

Bill Clinton said he was left “speechless” by her forwardness and eventually asked her out on a date to the campus art museum. Eventually, as things progressed, Clinton recalled proposing to her three times before finally getting the answer he wanted to hear.

The proposal that sealed the deal? Not a trip to London, where he first popped the question, but instead buying her a house that she admired. “You have to marry me,” he remembered saying after he purchased the brick home she had mentioned loving.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Bill Clinton went on to sing his spouse’s praises, saying that she was “genuinely qualified to seize the opportunity. She is still the best darn change maker I have ever known.”

One change Hillary Clinton doesn’t seem to be making? Bill Clinton’s presence in her life. Maybe their love story will end happily ever after in the White House.

[H/T: E! Online]

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