10 Reasons to Date a Girl Who Writes

Female writers are perhaps the most honest and caring lovers you’ll ever find. They have a way with words, and no problem articulating how they feel and what they are looking for. Female writers will care more deeply than you have ever imagined and show you an unforgettable relationship. You’ll be able to learn so much about her world (and yours!) through her work, and her voracious reading. Here are the top 10 reasons to date a girl who writes.

She’ll Remember Everything

Writers remember details, whether it was the shirt you were wearing on your first date or something as simple as your birthday. Girls who write, whether professionally or recreationally, will remember every special moment.

You Could End Up in a Book or Article

If she finds you important, chances are you’ll appear in her work. This is a huge compliment! This means you’re on her mind quite a bit, and maybe you’ll even be famous from it.

Writers Have a Way With Words

You’ll never have trouble reading her mind- she’ll tell you straight up what she’s thinking and tell you in a really eloquent way. Her words will be moving and powerful, and blow you away! If she’s an avid reader as well as a writer, her extensive knowledge will constantly knock you off your feet.

Writers Are Natural Listeners

Writers take in their surroundings and feed off the words and actions of others. This means she’ll be a great listener and an excellent shoulder to lean on. Writers take in words and experiences, and you’ll be happy to find that she’s eager to hear you out and do her best to help you.

She’ll Have an Interesting Perspective of the World

A writer has an extremely active imagination and a unique perspective on the world. Everything is worth taking into account to them, as their thought process is just different than your previous girlfriend. To your writer, everything is potential writing material, and worth paying attention to.

Writers Have a Sense of Adventure

Your writer girlfriend never tires and finds even the most mundane activities interesting. She’ll take in everything, as it could all be the inspiration for her next novel. Writers are excited and enthusiastic people, and they look forward to new experiences. You’ll find that she loves to travel, try new food and see the world for inspiration and experience.

There is No Such Thing as Goodbye

Mik Everett said that if a writer falls in love with you, you can never die. This is 100% true, as her words about you will live on infinitely. There are no goodbyes because she is proficient in her letters, text messages, and in her voice. You’ll never have time to miss her because her words will be everywhere.

Writers Are Patient

Writing is no profession to sneeze at, as it requires perseverance and patience. Half of writing is rewriting, so she will have plenty of practice perfecting things and getting it right. You’ll learn from her diligent nature, and it will come in handy for when times get rocky in your relationship.

Writers are Passionate

Writers are extremely passionate and romantic. Words, actions and even the smallest of things are romanticized. Her words will astound you every time she speaks or writes. You’ll be able to hear the true power and emotion behind her voice every time she speaks. For a writer, there is no such thing as apathy.

She’s Expressive and Creative

You’ll always be kept on your toes with a writer for a girlfriend. She’s creative, so she’ll surprise you with the most exciting gestures. Maybe she’ll one day decide to write you a poem detailing how much you mean to her, or she’ll leave you the gift of love notes scattered around your apartment.

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